Reverse Engineering

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering CAD is the act of reproducing a CAD model of a failed, broken, or no longer manufactured part following a detailed examination of how it was originally made. At ProImage 3D we pride ourselves on our ability to re-create and reproduce models as accurately as possible. Whether we are using our latest high-end scanning technology to replicate a part within precision tolerances, or modifying and improving upon an existing design, we will help guide you to the solution that best fits your needs.

There are basically 3 types of reverse engineering.

If your purpose of reverse engineering is for design intent, then the goal is to re-create the CAD model as close to the original designs of its creator. In manufacturing, parts may have the tendency to shift slightly based on the tolerances specified by the designer. For example, a part may have been designed with a borehole that is 1.5” in diameter, but the final produced part may have a diameter of 1.496” due to part variance. Therefore we would modify any bores of the 1.496” back to the original intent of 1.5”.

If requested, we can reverse engineer a CAD Model to be as accurate as possible to your original part. This type of 3D scanning is mainly used for part inspections or objects that are not mechanical in nature, such as museum pieces and statues. We will not adjust for design intent and will re-create the scan data from the object as closely as possible.
If a part has failed in its operation and needs to be reverse engineered, there is probably a mechanical reason that it failed in the first place. We can often make adjustments to the original designs of parts to improve on weak areas and reinforce the part’s overall performance. Once you have a reverse engineered model, see our 3D Printing page to find out how to begin the prototyping process. Don’t have a part to scan? ProImage 3D can take your 2D CAD drawings and create 3D CAD models. We’ve even converted napkin sketches into 3D models.

The ProImage 3D Advantage

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