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Production of F110 sump cover

Last year GE Additive and GE Aviation proposed a collaborative metal additive manufacturing program with the U.S. Air Force to increase the adoption of 3D printing for spare parts

Faster production of 3D printed electronics

Recently manufacturer have used 3D printing to make powerful electronics more compact, cheaper to make and faster. A team of researcher at the University of California Los

3D printing blood vessels

Researchers in Korea and Hong Kong have successfully implanted a fabricated biomimetic blood vessel into a living rat. According to the research This success is

3D printing soft flexible brain implants

Researchers and engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are using 3D printing to develop soft, flexible brain electrodes using a conductive polymer liquid material. MIT engineers are

Koala 3D climbing 3D printer

A group of researchers have developed a 3D printer that has the capability of printing a part bigger than itself. The ‘Koala 3D’ was developed