Working in partnership to create hybrid additive manufacturing platform

ANCA, a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines based in Melbourne, Australia, have designed a brand-new hybrid 3D printing system for making custom-designed machining tools.
Before it will be available on the open market, ANCA will work together with both Australia’s  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and Sutton Tools in order to upgrade the new 3D printing system. Also, ANCA will also receive financial support from Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding advanced manufacturing in Australia.
CSIRO is an Australian government agency tasked with scientific research. Its main role is improving the economic and social performance of the industry. It has engaged in many 3D printing projects, which in turn have helped to advance the 3D printing industry in Australia.
Ever since they were founded in 1974, ANCA have become a leading manufacturer in CNC grinding machines, sheet metal solutions and motion controls. As of right now, the company has over 1,000 employees working at their firm. Over 99% of the company’s products are exported overseas to customers in over 45 countries around the globe. While the company has its headquarters based in Melbourne, they also have offices in the UK, China, Germany, Thailand, Brazil, India, Japan and the United States.
ANCA’s brand-new production platform is designed to balance both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies so that it can provide custom-designed Tungsten-carbide cutting tools by using just a single machine. ANCA has also designed the machine to be produce tools more economically than the traditional methods of making tools.
This hybrid additive manufacturing project builds on previous research and development between ANCA and CSIRO. By working together, both ANCA and CSIRO were able to show that tools can be made much cheaper by using enhanced production efficiencies compared to traditional Tungsten products that use additive manufacturing.
Once the project is completed, ANCA will commercialize its new hybrid manufacturing platform, so that it can close the gap in the global tool market.
Dean McBain, research and technology manager for ANCA, described the project saying quote, “Such a complex project and process wouldn’t be possible without the support of trusted partners such as CSIRO, Sutton Tools and AMGC,” “We rely on working with organizations like CSIRO who have the laboratory, equipment and knowledge that we do not have. Sutton Tools are also hugely important as they provide practical input from the end-user perspective. Collaborating with others is vital and it makes sense to partner with organizations like them.”
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