Releasing a 3D Printed and Delivered service from a 3D file marketplace

MyMiniFactory, a 3D file marketplace set in London, England, have just released a new type of 3D printing service that allows hobbyists who are still deciding whether they want to learn about using a 3D printer.

The 3D marketplace has decided to strengthen its catering in 3D prints to its customers by establishing a separate marketplace for their physical figurines alongside their digital STL file marketplace, which has over 100,000 different types of files to choose from.

The delivery service, called ‘3D Printed and Delivered’, allows customers to have 3D prints of their favorite designs and/or characters be delivered right to their doorstep. The prints even come already printed and post-processed thanks to the help, an online manufacturing tool that helps to make digital STL files in physical form by professionally 3D printing and delivery them. Thanks to this parternship, and MyMiniFactory have made it possible for indie designers by manufacturing and shipping printable STL files to them.

Currently, the service provides 40 miniatures that have been created from several 3D designers, such as ArtisanGuild, Printed Obsession and Armians, who are a renowned group of indie 3D designers.

Starting in 2013, MyMiniFactory set out with one goal in mind: unite all 3D designers and makers. Thanks to this one goal in mind, the platform has began to grow rapidly these last few years, with user base growing from 250,000 to 450,000 ever since introducing the premium of 3D printed files in June 2018.

MyMiniFactory has even helped fans of the site support their favorite artists by purchasing and downloading their works.

COO of MyMiniFactory, Nebojsa Nikolic, explained to 3D Printing Industry that the rapid growing of the tabletop gaming market is a very exciting opportunity for both 3D designers and artists. He also added by saying that the increase of crowdfunding numbers has caused them to witness a growing interest in creating and running campaigns for STL files.

MyMiniFactory also host design competitions for their everyday users to particpate in, staying true to their word to create a platform for 3D designers, makers and enthusiasts to share their work, do collaborations together and even experience the best 3D printable content that is out there.

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