Implementing 3D printing into more schools, according to a 2020 BETT Report

3D Printing Industry recently had the chance to go to the BETT 2020 education technology industry show at London Excel, which had over 800 booths that featured many 3D printers from all 3D printing companies that included MakerBot, Dremel, and Maker’s Red Box, a partner of CraftBot.

During their visit, they managed to talk to many experts and D&T teachers to get their opinions on how 3D printing will implement into schools.

Nick Longford, Head of Business Development at Dremel DigiLab, believes that in the future, students who “don’t understand 3D printing won’t be able” will not be able to get a job in the engineering industry. Langford also added that introducing this kind of technology to younger students will allow future generations to get used to having this kind of technology around them.

MakerBot’s Product Manager Allison Mazzetti believes that it is essential for all schools to have students to get familiar with 3D printing technology, especially for the students who plan to pursue a career in engineering.

3D printing not only has many advantages for engineers, but also for students because it allows them to be able to understand many different subjects such as geography, mathematics, etc. 3D printing can also empower students to have great creativity and good problem solving skills, since 3D printing technology allows students access to the design process.

It seems that plans to implement 3D printing into schools are already underway as Dremel DigiLab and Nick Langford state that they plan on launching a program that will allows schools to become advocates for this movement, and plan to have case studies made to present at schools and universities to influence them to have 3D printing as part of their curriculum.

MakerBot even had their own guidebook to handout to teachers at BETT 2020, so that they can not only get students started with 3D printing, but also can get them ready to go to work in the future.


Haranzogo, Olivia. “Future plans to implement 3D printing in schools, a BETT 2020 report.” 3D Printing Industry. 31 Jan. 2020.