Using BigRep ONE printer to 3D print scooter for underwater exploration

JAMADE, an electric sport equipment company based in Germany, have just unveiled their latest product called AMAZEA, an underwater scooter that pulls a diver through the ocean to allow them to explore the sea without swimming.

This 3D printed vehicle weighs just 35 kg, or just over 55 lbs. The scooter is powered by an electric BI motor that is also operated by two engines and uses a lithium-ion battery that is stored in the scooter’s front. The vehicle has a top speed of 12 mph when operating underwater, and a top speed of 19 mph when operating above water.

The AMAZEA and its other components were made by using three BigRep ONE 3D printers.

According to company founder Janko Duch, the company opted for the BigRep ONE printers due to its “cost efficiency, accuracy, and quality”, as opposed to the extremely high investment cost of traditional 3D printers.

JAMADE used BigRep’s Pro HT filament to 3D print the parts for the AMAZEA, mainly due to the material’s suitability with underwater marine environments and has a softening resistance of 115 degrees Celsius, or 239 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pro HT filament was also used because of the environmentally friendly idea the product has, since the filament is CO2 neutral and is even biodegradable.


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