Gardner Aerospace forms new technology centre after acquiring FDM Digital Solutions

Gardner Aerospace, an aviation OEM based in the UK, has acquired the Lancashire-based 3D printing solutions provider FDM Digital Solutions. FDM Digital Solutions will be renamed Gardner Technology Centre, who’s main focus is to advanced technology solutions such as additive manufacturing.

“Gardner Aerospace is breaking new ground in terms of technology,” said Dominic Cartwright, CEO at Gardner Aerospace.

“The acquisition of FDM and the creation of our new Technology Centre business unit provides us with the perfect opportunity to expand our technical knowledge, R&D capability and product offering, and aligns us with our customers’ growing expectations on innovative solutions, continuous improvement and cost competitiveness.”

Gardner Aerospace is a manufacturer of aerospace components for OEMs and tier 1 suppliers worldwide such as AirbusEmbraerGulfstreamPilatusSpiritGKNStelia AerospaceRuag, and Safran. The company also has 17 facilities in the UK,France,Poland,India, and China operated by over 2,000 employees.

FDM Digital Solutions was founded back in 2011 and is equipped with industrial additive manufacturing systems including seven Stratasys machines, one HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer, and two Roboze machines. It is said to have the biggest commercially available capacity of industrial FDM in the UK with the largest build envelopes.

As a part of the new Gardner Technology Centre, 3D printing will be leveraged for the creation of novel aerospace parts. Cartwright continued, “The role of 3D printing within manufacturing is constantly expanding and this newly acquired additive layer manufacturing capability complements Gardner’s long-standing capabilities as a producer of metallic detailed parts and sub-assemblies.”


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