Fun Thanksgiving prints

It’s that time of the year again, Thanksgiving a time to remember who or what you’re thankful for, to eat ludicrous amounts of turkey, and to spend time with your family. We’ve put together a small list of fun prints for your turkey day.

All these prints can be found on thingiverse and will have their links.



For those with a green thumb this thanksgiving you may enjoy this potholder shaped like a pilgrim hat. This design was made by mikefivetango and prints in two pieces.

Pilgrim Hat Planter-


These next few might be a bit more practical for the season, like this nifty cardholder by cerberus333. Helps let people know where to sit, identify what’s in the casserole dish, or just little decorations.

Pilgrim hat card holder-


This one is just a little holder for your napkins, so they don’t get thrown all over the place. Lovely design by dedclub.

Leaf napkin holder-


Stevenquinn has made some festive coasters for your favorite drinks and to protect your tables.

Thanksgiving coasters-


Have you looked out your window this fall to see the vibrant yellows and reds decorating your trees, only to see green? Well thanks to barb_3dprintny and her window decals you can see fall through your windows all year round. Creator recommends printing in flexible material.

Window decals-


Wanting some quick decorations but can’t decide between a live turkey, a cooked turkey, a cornucopia, cranberry sauce, pie, a wishbone, a gravy boat, and a pilgrim hat. Well creator 3DBROOKLYN has you covered with these thanksgiving snap-outs. They lay flat so they print quickly and easily.

Thanksgiving snap outs-


If you love thanksgiving and really want to show it these turkey earrings are just the print for you. They’re a stylish way to show off your love for turkey. DigChaos created these fun earrings.

Turkey earrings-


If you enjoy being in the kitchen preparing for the upcoming feast these cookie cutters by TeamOliva are a fun addition to the dessert table.

Cookie cutters-


How can it be a Thankgiving list with out the big bird himself a turkey. A simple turkey decoration by MakePrintable.



Happy Thanksgiving!