Desktop Metal shows metal binder jetting system for machine shops.

Desktop Metals has unveiled it’s newest metal binding jetting system intended for machine shops, The Shop System, at  Formnext. The full system has a 3D printer, powder station, and furnace, all meant to be integrated into a machine shop.

Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder, Desktop Metal, stated, “Our current technology has significantly disrupted low- and high-volume production in metal manufacturing.” Continuing, “Yet, there was still a real need for a robust solution that also captures mid-volume production and enables affordable, reliable and flexible batch production of complex parts for machine shops. For the first time with the Shop System, machine shops will be able to make that a reality.”

The latest AM system is capable of printing a batch of parts every 6-12 hours, enabling them to print 70kg (154.33Ib) of steel a day. The single pass binder jetting system uses a spot size of 16 microns per drop, allowing for a superior surface, bleed control and detail at high speeds. The company reports resolution that’s 33% higher than current comparable single pass binder jetting systems.

The system also has a recoater integrated to increase powder bed uniformity for ultra-high accuracy parts, all intended to increase shop productivity and reduce manufacturing steps.

Jonah Myerberg, co-founder and CTO, Desktop Metal, who led the technical development of the system, added: “Shop owners have been enamored by the versatility, speed and cost reduction that binder jetting technology can provide, but until now, it hasn’t been accessible to them. [It] offers users the same fully-dense metal parts at an affordable price that works in harmony with machining on the shop floor.” Continuing, “What’s more, the system enables owners to both save and make money by eliminating tooling costs, lowering lead times, and bringing in new business because of an improved part-cost equation.”

If your looking to get The Shop System, it’ll set you back $150,000 for the 4L version with a build plate of 350mm x 220mm x 50mm. The 16L version runs $225,000 and has a build plate of 350mm x 220mm x 200mm.