3D printed implants for traumatic brain injuries.

3D printing has been used in the medical field from surgery practice models to casts. A New York based biotechnology start-up called Qrons has entered an intellectual property (IP) license agreement with New Hampshire’s Dartmouth college, to develop implants to help traumatic brain injuries heal (TBI).

According to the  World Health Organization (WHO) TBI, caused by sudden damage to the brain from an external force, results in a high death count or permanent disabilities. These injuries can cost approximately $76 billion in medical costs annually.

Ido Merfeld, Co-founder and Head of Product, Qrons, stated: “The intellectual property covered by this license has been instrumental in helping us advance our research on the treatment of penetrating brain injuries. We believe combining Qrons’ proprietary hydrogel with customizable 3D printing capabilities is an innovative approach to treating traumatic brain injuries, for which there are limited treatments.”

There are two main types of TBI penetrating which cause mechanical damage to the brain and non-penetration causing widespread neuronal damage. Due to the unique factors like size, shape, spread, and location TBI can be difficult to treat.

Qrons have established that each injury site must receive a continuous flow of neuro protective and neuro regenerative agents. To protect against further damage and to stimulate neurons to regrow axonal processes and regenerate brain tissue.

Qrons is using the patented process “Mechanically interlocked molecules-based materials for 3D printing” to create injury-specific 3D printable implants for TBIs. Jonah Meer, Co-founder and CEO, added, “There is a great need for our promising treatments, and this technology is an integral part of our work to develop innovative 3D printable, biocompatible advanced materials.”

Professor Ke, stated, “We are excited to partner with Qrons and continue the development of smart hydrogels with 3D printing capability for the treatment of traumatic brain injuries.”


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