Nano dimensions showcasing 3D printed Capacitors for PCBs

When it comes to 3D printing electronics Nano Dimension , an Israeli 3D printed electronics company, tends to pop-up. Their latest development being 3D printed capacitors manufactured using its DragonFly electronics additive manufacturing system.

Nano Dimensions has previously 3D printed circuit boards (PCBs) but now with the capabilities to print capacitors the electronics can now be printed in one job. This saves time, space and assembly steps, and they’ve performed numerous tests to insure reliable repeatability.

“The test results clearly show that with the DragonFly system our customers can achieve repeatability comparable to that of traditional processes in short-run manufacturing of capacitors using 3D printing,” commented Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension.  He continues, “Along with high accuracy, miniaturization and space saving on the board, these are key factors in the electronics production process and next generation electronics applications.”

Nano Dimension started out 3D print multilayer PCBs but has expanded to antennas, capacitors, and “transformers”. More and more manufacturers are exploring the use of 3D printed electronics such as  radio frequency (RF) space systemsIoT communication devices for smart homes, and sensor technologies.

For people who aren’t so tech savvy capacitors are used to store energy and electric charge and typically comprise one or more pairs of conductors. They are also used to keep out unwanted frequencies and noise for a range of applications in electronic filters and help stabilize power supply and keep a steady voltage in the process.

Nano Dimensions did over 260 tests with 30 variations in dimensions in their capacitors and showed less than 1 percent variance between the components. Having such consistent results with different dimensions allows for a more compact design and has the capabilities for further functional components on the surface board.

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