BigRep live 3d prints 4m x4m wall from recycled plastics

BigRep has started 3D printing a 4M x 4M green habitat wall out of recycled plastics called Genesis Eco Screen. The purpose is to show the potential additive manufacturing can have on waste and as a sustainable means of architecture.  Its build is currently ongoing on public view at Humboldt University in Berlin. GENESIS is set to premiere at Fiction Forum cultural exhibition in a month.

The Genesis project is a collaboration form BigRep’s award-winning NOWLAB team and artist  Lindsay Lawson. The wall is an eco-structure with added functionalities using multiple materials including BigRep PETG and BASF Innofil3D rPET. 3D printer filaments in GENESIS are made 100% from recycled PET. The plastic bottles are sent to a collection point, cleaned and pre-processed.

The structure mimics a massive root system found in forests and has an imbedded water and drainage systems for plants, and acts as a shelter for solitary bees. The “branches” were calculated by advanced generative design algorithms and agent based modeling. With only a few preset parameters, these computer tools can autonomously design the optimal diameter for the “branches” to receive sunlight and to shade plant positions.

circular economy is based on the sustainability principles of resource optimization and waste reduction. As a closed loop process, between bottle waste and production, GENESIS Screen productions demonstrates how to narrow the gap between resource input, waste, emissions and energy usage.

According to Daniel Büning, BigRep CIO and NOWLAB Managing Director, it “shows how society can develop a greener future – with circular economy solutions that are sustainable, local, modular and collaborative.” In addition, “With this project,” Büning says, “we are introducing a new and truly sustainable manufacturing protocol to the manufacturing of polymer objects using multiple pre-used plastic materials.”


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