Halloween Fun!

10 Fun Thing to print for Halloween

To start off this list we have something that might help if you get scared by the “spooky” thing on the rest of the list.

  • Cute Ghost light

This little guy just wants to brighten your Halloween night up with a terrorific hug. You may need a little soldering knowledge to get him to light up though, luckily the creator Arturo Villegas has a picture to help on the download page here on myminifactory. 



  • Dragon Doorbell Cover

Want to keep the candy to yourself or only reward the brave enough to ring the doorbell, well this cover created by Thurm will help you. Created in two pieces with a third “spacer” to help lay flat on the wall, with a hole for 1.75mm filament pins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with plans to automatically close just a little when someone’s hand is in its mouth, for a Halloween scare.



  • Huge posable spider

Arachnophobes beware this menacing spider could be anywhere on Halloween. The original is by Audrey2 but some makers say they have some slight issues, another maker made some tweaks and uploaded the files here. No matter which you use it’s a terrifying prop with the body being two pieces and the legs being three segments (you’ll need to print 8 sets).


  • Transforming Spider Pumpkin

It’s not looking like a fun year for arachnophobes with another spider prop, and this one can pretend to be a pumpkin. The creator Megawillbot did his take on a Halloween pumpkin…or spider…Transformer? What ever you decide to call it you’ll need to know that it has a few different parts. Megawillbot even has a animation here. Now go make a spider army.



  • Dog Helmet

For those K-9 lovers who want their best friend to join in the frightful spirit this dog helmet by ProteanMan is the print for you. There are two variants of the mask and there are even stands too. It comes in two piece that have to be glued together, there is also a scale tester to make sure the helmet will fit your dog. The creator states “It is fitted to a dogs head, which makes it easy to move around in and comfortable”.



  • Slit neck choker

If there is one thing people do on Halloween, it’s accessorize. This Neckless by PenolopyBulnick is just to die for, it’s a simple straight forward print. Obviously its best to do it in a red filament for a realistic look, but hey it’s Halloween why not use neon pink or green and look like you have alien blood.



  • Pumpkin keychains

Speaking of accessories these keychains by jumpsinpuddles are perfect for and after the holiday of fright, when you want a little Halloween spirit through the year. You can get it with or without feet.



  • Huntress Mask

Any fans of the game Dead by Daylight will be interested in this mask. Creator jdogid provides a solid and a sliced version of the mask depending on your printer size. There is a tester piece of the thinnest part, so you can get the perfect fit. Although it doesn’t come with a hatchet print.



  • Jason Mask

One of the pinnacles of horror is Jason in “Friday the 13th” from 1980 along with others like Michael Meyers, Freddy, and pinhead to name a few. Jason is know for his machete and one of the most iconic Hockey masks, Alan Stanford has created this mask in 4 sections for small printers with no need for support.



  • Jack Skellington Statue

How could you talk about Halloween and not mention the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town. Sergio on myminifactory has created a 140mm tall statue for download of this holiday character for download. It can be in three pieces Jack, Pumpkin, and base or in one piece.